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Why waterjet

before 6 year

Water jet cutting is due to its versatility and easy handling one of the fastest developing manufacturing process in the world. With the water jet you can cut almost anything. Because of this, many companies from different economic sectors and different sizes have experienced increased efficiency and productivity by introducing the system of high-pressure waterjet cutting in their production.

Since the Flow developed abrasive jet cutting in the early 1980s, the technology has developed rapidly. Decades of research have led to waterjet cutting systems that have more opportunities and at the same cost less:

Unrivaled versatility

Flow installations for water jet cutting enables you to perform a large number of cuts with ease. Regardless of the contour, dimension or material – our user friendly software will make it with ease.


Extended application possibilities

It does not matter where you are an industry – automotive or aerospace, stone and tile, production tools, seals, metal or service industry – you can cut metal, stone, plastic, composite materials, glass, ceramics, rubber and many more. Cut material up to 200mm thickness without thermal zone influence and with edges of perfect quality.

Reduced material and production costs

Flow’s water jet cutting machines require only minimal clamping devices, thus save valuable time in the production. Devices for water jet cutting cut precise and clean edges. In this way it is possible to place the cuts closer with very little waste – you will save money through material saving.


Extending of existing technologies

Many utility producers extend their production with a device for water jet cutting – in addition to other methods of cutting, for example, lasers, milling machine and plasma cutter. Although each shop has its own requirements in cutting, at the end each of them is considered a device for water jet cutting as a valuable investment in their production, which increases both productivity and profitability.


The heart of each device for water jet cutting is the high-pressure pump. The pump creates pressure on the water and thus provides a continuous stream, so that the cutting head water pressure can be converted to supersonic speed jet.

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